Dd214 Long Form Request


Submit a military records request for documents like your DD214, awards, decorations, performance reports, orders, qualifications, and security clearance. Learn about the ways to get your own military service records or request someone else’s.

Service members are given the option of accepting the "short form" edited Member 1, "long form" unedited Member 4 or both copies upon separation. The most important copy of the DD 214 for the individual is the long form copy. It is the standard form needed to obtain benefits such as GI Bill or government employment priority.

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Service members receive two copies of the DD-214 when they are discharged – a short form and a long form. The long form includes the narrative reason for discharge, the discharge characterization, the three-letter or three-number discharge code corresponding to the reason for discharge, and a reenlistment code.

Go to www.ebenefits.va.gov and register. Once you have a premium account, click on the "Manage Benefits" tab, and go to the military personnel file (DPRIS) link to request a copy of the DD 214. If you served before records were scanned into the system, try https://www.archives.gov/veterans and click on the "Request Military Records Online" tab.

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Best Answer: No the long form has your RE code or reenlistment eligibility code such as RE-1 or mine RE-4R because I’m retired and also the characterization of service as in honorable, general, less than honorable etc. Most of the time you can use the member copy but if they want the "Long" version this is what they are looking for.

For veterans or their families, a copy of the veterans DD 214 service record form can be essential. Here are three ways to get one.

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Veterans or the next-of-kin of deceased veterans can request form DD214 using SF-180.